Stander 2-in-1 Tpn Soln
( Fat administered on separate line )   Label

 ### Tpn Regmin Details ###
Total Volume :  

Excess Volume :

 Infusion R (Non Lipid Bag) :  

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% Glucose :

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Total Calories




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2-Enter the weight and press Refresh Designer button    Kg  
   (IBW) may be needed in case of obese or volume overloaded patients
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 IngredientValueDetailsRef_valuesIngredient_NameVolume ( ml )
1Amino Acid 1g~4g/kg/day  
2Dextrose 6g~15g/kg/day  
3Sodium 1~3mmol/kg/day  
4Potassium 1~2.5mmol/kg/day  
5Calcium 0.06~0.15mmol/kg/day  
6Phosphate 0.5~1mmol/kg/day  
7Magnesium 0.1~0.2mmol/kg/day  
8Trace Elements 1ml/kg/day (max 10ml)  
9Water Sol Vitamines 1ml/kg/day (max 10ml)  
10Lipid 0.5~3g/kg/day  
11Fat Sol Vitamines 1ml/kg/day (max 10ml)  
12Water Q.S  

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Temlates are used in this Designer to assist a physician or Non-Physician Practitioner  when completing an order for parenteral nutritional solutions
Default values assigned to each template to meet nutrition requirements for all age groups
Blank templates are also included in this designer
The templates provide guidance in support of parenteral nutrition ordered, you may alter template contents while maintaining a specified daily nutrition requirements
Osmolarity should not exceed 900 mOsm/L for peripheral parenteral nutrition
Lipids and fat soluble vitamins not included in osmolarity calculation
Addition of heparin is no longer recommended for peripheral parenteral nutrition
Carnitine may be given  within the first week at a dose of 10–20 mg/kg/day (especially in neonates of <34 weeks’ gestation) receiving tpn
Tpn can be formulated as a 3‐in‐1. When a 3‐in‐1 formulation is ordered
Stander 2‐in‐1 formulation must be used with the lipid administered separately by Y‐site.
Peripheral route is usually used for short term nutritional support/span> long term nutritional supporteral route is usually used for short term nutritional support/span> long term nutritional support




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